How to play Stu: Brawl Stars strategy, tips and tricks

Stu joined Brawl Stars recently—and he’s been tremendously mainstream on his dispatch day. Numerous individuals have announced that they’re entering games where just Stu is set up by the six players who face to contend with one another.

There’s no uncertainty Stu will flaunt a high pick rate at each level and in each easygoing game mode in the coming weeks. Yet, dissimilar to numerous Brawlers that amateurs open when they start the game, his ongoing interaction can be precarious.

Stu is adaptable, so it’s imperative to exploit this to play him to his maximum capacity. Here are a few hints to prevail with Stu and improve.

Stu’s capacities and insights

Here’s the portrayal of Stu’s capacities:

  • Assault: Razzle Dazzle. Stu shoot out two pyrotechnic shots that pack a serious clobber.
  • Super: Nitro Boost. Hitting an adversary with Razzle Dazzle energizes Stu’s Nitro Boost, a short scramble that knocks adversaries far removed. Leaves a path of consuming elastic on the ground that will burn down any rivals that touch it.

He additionally has 3,200 HP (contrasted with 4,480 when he was acquainted with the test workers) and an ordinary development speed. While his assault is for quite some time ran, his super is short-gone. Stu is an offense-centered Brawler, as per his Brawler page.

Stu as of now has one device, which makes him drop a supporter that allows a super speed territory around the Brawler who takes it. In conclusion, his star power exceptionally expands the scope of his super and another can be chosen to recuperate him all things being equal. Since Stu has a professional killer like playstyle, the principal super is picked all the more regularly.

Continuously be set up to utilize the super

Despite the fact that Stu’s super can look frail on paper because of its short reach, his force comes from his charge, which is snappy. On the off chance that Stu hits a player with the two his super and his assault all the while, his super will be charged once more, which can permit him to perform chains of runs on the foes.

This can be amazing on the off chance that you expect its various employments. Stu, for instance, can utilize his super to surge a Primo or a Rosa in the wake of landing jab on them to dissolve down some HP and afterward escape utilizing the subsequent scramble to dodge their skirmish assaults, while hitting them with his since a long time ago went assaults. He’s flexible, which is the reason you’ll need to become acclimated to this playstyle to make the most out of the Brawler.

A typical amateur’s error while playing Stu is to utilize his super twice to cut their way through an adversary. It’s too dangerous to even think about utilizing the super for the subsequent opportunity to move through the adversary since, supposing that he’s as yet alive even with a couple of HP or if a colleague has come to help, they’ll be in reach to execute you and you will not have a getaway apparatus left. It can in any case be performed, notwithstanding, on the off chance that you likewise have partners coming your direction or in case you’re almost a natural divider that can shield you from the following assaults.

The damage of Stu’s attacks don’t change dependent on range

Stu bargains as much harm by hitting from max range as in skirmish. Since his scramble is short, there’s no utilization in attempting to hit at max range, except if there’s a pressing danger to maintain a strategic distance from. Stu doesn’t benefit from hitting at long reach.

brawl stars
images via supercell

In the event that you need to be dangerous by playing Stu, you’ll need to track down the center ground between remaining at a safe distance without getting excessively near the foes. This can likewise rely upon the game mode since some that require attack situating, as Hot Zone, will compel a more guarded playstyle.

In general, you’ll need to adjust well to play Stu to his maximum capacity since his ongoing interaction is less direct than numerous Brawlers, similar to Colt or Frank. Therefore, he will not be a decent decision for novices. In any case, that shouldn’t be an issue since players need to arrive at 10,000 prizes to open him.

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Play Brawl Ball to procure prizes

In the event that you need to get more positions on Stu rapidly by procuring more prizes, the Brawl Ball game mode is the best approach. Stu can take the ball and utilize his super to hurry through the field and draw nearer to the objective. In the event that no significant counters are in the contrary group, it’ll be difficult for the foes to stay aware of his portability.

Be careful with Stu’s counters

Stu will struggle winning exchanges against certain Brawlers. The most hazardous to go head to head against are portable Brawlers with since a long time ago ran assaults, like Crow and Leon. Lou, as well, can be risky on the grounds that his sluggish can keep Stu from drawing near enough to utilize his super.

Marksmen overall can be a danger to Stu. In any case, if their assaults are unsurprising and they don’t have a super they can utilize well at scuffle range, which is the situation for Colt and Jessie, for instance, he ought to have the option to manage them.

As time passes by, an ever increasing number of players will sort out some way to counter Stu by expecting his super. Those counters will probably turn into an annoyance for Stu, regardless of whether you believe you can bring them down effectively at the present time.

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